Storms Over Blackpeak
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Carr Fergusson's grand old homestead is in need of a housekeeper - and when shy, city-bred Cally Jones arrives at Glencairn Station to take the reins, she discovers not only a new way of life, but a house packed to the rafters with romantic intrigue. Carr's son Ash has finally seen fit to return to the family farm, and it's not just Cally's head he's turning. But what has really brought him home? Meanwhile, Ella Harrington is striving to juggle the demands of her new career with her love for her gorgeous bad-boy boyfriend. And, intent on everyone else's problems, will Ella's mother Lizzie be too slow to see the clouds looming over her own horizon? Can Lizzie's relationship with the newfound love of her life weather the coming storms, or will the differences between them tear them apart?
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