Swami Sarl Brahmacantra had fallen. Hard. Leah Lane took his heart, his soul, his very being. She was everything he had been looking for. He didn't need the fame, the money or the followers. He only needed Leah. There was just one problem. A problem which the Swami wasn't aware of.  A problem that would inexplicably change his life, yet again.

The problem was that Leah Lane had started to dig. She didn't mean to do it. But she found herself doing it. It just happened. She didn't know why. Everything was so perfect. She had found inner peace within the teachings of The Power Triangle. It's founder - her guru - Swami Sarl Brahmacantra was her lover. She knew she was his Chosen One. The one more special, more anointed, more enlightened than all the rest. Her career was soaring as well. Perhaps it was that career which caused her to start to dig. She was not just another pretty face, reading the headlines from a teleprompter. No! She was a journalist, and a damn good one at that. Yes, perhaps it was her career as a journalist which caused her to investigate, dig, uncover the truth.

She didn't need to dig too deep. The truth, as it turns out, was all around here. She just needed to open her eyes to it.

If you have no real dogma, any dogma will do.

”Swami Lars" is a riveting new short story from Emmy Award winning author Jack Norton.
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