The Elite Cyber Criminals' Stories
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This book is the product of my 7-year human cybercriminal project. It is a must read if you want to update your knowledge about the latest cyber crime techniques. You can use this book to do extensive research and learn various ways of protecting your organization or business from cyber attacks, especially if you're working or learning from home.

I spent the last 7 years traveling to 20 different cybercrime hotspots around the world. A few of them are Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Nigeria, Brazil, USA and China. I traveled to these places to try and understand how the organization of cybercrime works, and to get a bit more of an informed opinion about it. That's quite a standard way sociologists do things.

What I did over the 7-year period is I interviewed 240 different people, including law enforcement backgrounds, the private sectors who're involved in tracking this type of activity, and then also cybercriminals. The purposes of this is to put all this information together in this book, to make you know the truth, and understand more about cyber crime.
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