”The Squeaker” is a crime novel about a mysterious informer, working with the police against his criminal associates. The pace of the narrative is quite uneven, with the author constantly shifting the perspectives of his characters’ actions and their methods. A classic work of crime literature, easily read at one go, possessing all the necessary qualities for its genre. And, as it can expected of Wallace, the twist at the end of the story is always there, often tipping the reader’s expectations over. Edgar Wallace (1875-1932) was an English writer so prolific, that one of his publishers claimed that he was behind a quarter of all books sold in England. An author, journalist and poet, he wrote countless novels, short stories, screen plays, stage plays, historical non-fiction, etc. Today, more than 160 films have been made from his work. He died suddenly in Hollywood in 1932, during the initial drafting of his most famous work, ”King Kong”.
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