“If John Steinbeck’s mighty Grapes of Wrath is the tragic novel of the Great Depression, then Heaven’s My Destination is its comic masterpiece. —J.D. McClatchy

A hilarious tale about goodness in a fallen world, Heaven’s My Destination introduces George Marvin Brush, one of Thornton Wilder's most memorable characters. Brush, a traveling textbook salesman, is a fervent religious convert who is determined to lead a good life. With sad and sometimes hilarious consequences, his travels take him through smoking cars, bawdy houses, banks, and campgrounds from Texas to Illinois—and into the soul of Depression-era America itself.

This special edition includes an afterword by Wilder’s nephew, Tappan Wilder, with illuminating material about the author and book.

Copyright (c) 1934 by the Wilder Family L.L.C. Foreword copyright (c) 2003 by J. D. McClatchy. Afterword copyright (c) 2003 by Tappan Wilder.

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