Book cover for How Was It for You?

How Was It for You?

Stories from a Sex Worker

Description of book

The author of How Was It for You? is a sex worker.

Let’s call her Eve.

Eve is someone’s daughter. Someone’s partner.

Eve has worked across the sex industry for twenty years: in a brothel, as an escort, in a strip club, online and as a dominatrix. In this candid memoir she reveals all: the good stuff, the bad, and the downright ugly too.

We’re with her poolside as she sips Champagne at a wealthy client’s Caribbean villa. We scurry with her from a gated mansion as a fun threesome gets out of hand. We watch from the public gallery as she is dragged in and out of court by the law. We perch at her side in a cell as she contemplates the true meaning of freedom. And we’re at the brothel when she meets Adam, a punter who turns out to be a keeper.

Honest, eye-opening, full of fury and frequently funny, How Was It for You? is a unique insight into what’s happening in society’s shadows and an unforgettable walk in someone else’s high heels.

'It is heartening to find humour and a glimmer of hope' - Jo Brand

'Unflinching . . . Everyone should read this book' - Emily Edwards, author of The Herd

Eve Smith is a pseudonym. Any links to persons living or dead is coincidental.