Philosophy: The Audio Masterclass
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The Audio Masterclass series will give you everything you need to get up to speed on the big topics that matter in self-help, psychology, business and the humanities. Philosophy is a life-tool, a set of skills for engaging with any subject, and in the Philosophy Audio Masterclass you will discover a body of wisdom and a way to develop your own critical and creative thinking. Explore the key ideas in Western Philosophy and the arguments that continue to shape our world. Discover what philosophy is really about, question free will and see how philosophy relates to everything from comics to coffee. The Audio Masterclass series provides serious coverage of the most vital topics in self-help, psychology and the humanities, combining comprehensive, expert content from the celebrated Teach Yourself series. Each masterclass offers over 12 hours of practical, varied content to get you up to speed and fully informed on the subjects that matter. (P)2018 Hodder & Stoughton Limited
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