123 Learn Numbers 1-100
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Learn your kids or yourself numbers in English with this book. You can learn numbers from 1 to 100 really easy. The book is full of pictures of animals which belongs to main numbers. Find inside the book picture instruction how to write each number. This is big help for kids which are trying to write numbers correct. Kids will love this book full of numbers and nice animals. Last 10 pages of the book are about games. These games will help you or your children remember all numbers in English well. Kids will repeat what they have learned. Games will support kids creativity, logical thinking and imagination. These games are perfect for your kids or for you, if you are trying to learn English language. Learn your small kids main concepts - numbers and counting. This will very important for your little treasures. Spend more time with your kids and learn them something they will need in the future. With this book they will know numbers very soon and they will surprise family, friends and teachers. Have fun, play and learn with this book.
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