50 Grades of Shay - Book One
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SHAY SLOAN – is America's no. 1 fitness and personal developement coach
The first to combine the two disciplines And he's cleaning up because of it. Multiple New York Times bestsellers, massive internet following, DVD's, Fitness bootcamps, $50,OOO @ hour lectures. And, best of all – he looks the part. Tall.Lean.Brutally handsome.A Michaelangelo statue come to life.Every straight girl's wet dream.
But there's another side to the Sloan success story. A Dark, unhealthy side. Definitely not fit for media consumption. Although he promotes Health and emotional well being...
Shay Sloan is fueled by steroids, drugs and Chivas Regal.
And by his overwhelming need for Kinky sex. Extreme, multiple partner, electric sex toy aided kinky sex. He rates his women according to their "grade" of kinky-ness.
There are 50 Grades of Shay.
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