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The smaller the town, the greater the danger…

Sporty sixteen-year-old Hailey Johnston suspects her life is over when her recently divorced mother moves her and her little sister to Clearmont, Wyoming, a place so diminutive the locals still believe in a town ghost. The whistle-stop is a big change from the city Hailey’s used to, and while she knows she’ll miss big-game basketball, her real fear is that she won’t be accepted.

Life looks more promising when she joins the local basketball team and meets Josh, the school’s star athlete. Not just tall, dark and handsome, he’s smart and charming, too. But if Josh is every girl’s dream, his ex-girlfriend is the stuff of nightmares. As the basketball season progresses and Hailey’s relationship with Josh deepens, unpleasant things start to happen. The bugs in her locker are bad enough, but when the pranks start affecting her little sister—who claims to have seen the infamous town phantom, Old Man Boone, outside her bedroom window—Hailey has had enough. Whether the ex is to blame or something more sinister, Hailey isn’t sure. What she does know is that trouble is afoot, and it’s up to her to discover the truth before someone gets hurt.

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