On Christmas Eve, a traveler finds himself waiting out a snowstorm at the Holly Tree Inn. While passing the hours for the weather to pass so his coach can continue its journey, the warm hearth of the inn brings his mind to roam to pass recollections, both happy and grave. He also ponders the true meaning of his current journey and reason for his melancholy… the women he planned on marrying is, instead, going to marry his best friend. However, the delay at the inn is about to bring him a miraculous discovery. With a full cast, sound effects, and a majestic score by Jeffrey Gage, THE HOLLY TREE INN is the fifth Dickens Christmas story to be produced by the award winning Colonial Radio Theatre on the Air.
Starring The Colonial Radio Players
Executive Producer Mark Vander Berg. Produced by M.J. Cogburn.
Dramatized for Audio by Barry M. Putt Jr.
From the short story by Charles Dickens
Music by Jeffrey Gage. Directed by Jerry Robbins
Cover Illustration by Jeff Hayes
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