Wildfire Griffin
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When firefighter Rory lays eyes on fire-watcher Edith, he instantly knows she’s the one. His fated mate. Now, to win her heart, he just has to protect her from… 1. A raging wildfire (actually, she’s already got that covered, thanks) 2. The lightning-throwing invisible monster that started it (um, the what?) 3. Killer bunnies (don't even ask) 4. The appalling matchmaking attempts from his crew of misfit shifters (not only is this guy scorching hot, but his dog is adorable too. And...weirdly smart?) 5. His own animal need to claim her. Now. (if only she could look him in the eye…) Good thing that, as a powerful griffin shifter, he can handle anything…right? There’s only one problem. The last thing this autistic woman wants—or needs—is to be protected…
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