Cult Following
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Bexy Cameron knows more than most about the lure of cults, their danger and their methods. She grew up in the notorious Children of God organisation, which started in the counter-culture daze of the late '60s and now has spread all over the world. Child neglect, abuse and rape are all part of the twisted scriptures of the 'church' and continue to this day.
In Cult Following, we follow Bexy's childhood in the Children of God, where the concept of family means something very different to what we are all used to. At the same time, we follow her adult attempt to make a documentary about other cults, where she spent a year travelling round the globe in search of answers to the questions about cults that fascinate us all: why are people drawn to these groups; what makes them want to stay, and what makes them warp the fundamental essence of love and belonging into something so twisted, dark and far from what the majority of us know?
In asking these questions Bexy is forced to confront her past: her adolescence spent in total silence (as punishment for being 'difficult'), the abuse she suffered from various members of the church and, most powerfully of all, her relationship with her parents, who are still members of the Children of God today.
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