Do you desire to grow, improve, and gain new levels of influence as a leader?
Are you navigating through the uncertain waters of leadership?
In this conversational and action-oriented book, Steve Gutzler and Mike Acker present seven shifts to direct your leadership towards your desired destination: impact, influence, and inspiration.
In Lead With No Fear you will discover seven destination altering actions:
Shifting from Victim to Leader
Shifting from Unaware to Self-aware
Shifting from Black and White to High-Definition
Shifting from Insecure to Confident
Shifting from Activity to Accomplishment
Shifting from Smart to Smart AND Healthy
Shifting from Fast to Finishing
Lead With No Fear equips readers to unlock their leadership potential, calling them to step into greater roles to create a better future.
Lead With No Fear turns potential into actual.
Don’t wait.
Read this book and make the leader-shift.
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