Procrastination Hacks, Persuasion Techniques and Self Improvement 101: The Cure for Procrastination, Ways to Influence People and Self Development Strategies for Men and Women (3 in 1 Bundle)
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Procrastination Hacks, Persuasion Techniques and Self Improvement 101
In this 3-book self-development compilation, you'll discover:
Book 1 – Stop Procrastination and Increase Productivity
The best productivity methods to follow if you're lazy
Why the Pomodoro Technique works in increasing your productivity by at least 50%
How to set goals without getting bored
How to plan your day and your week
How to avoid distraction and be focus as a highly regarded sniper!
Why breaks are crucial to your ability to get things done
Book 2 – How to Influence People, Get Them to Like You and Earn More Respect
How to create value on other people's lives so you can get anything you want
Why being the best in what you do is the key to gaining anyone's respect
Why understanding someone's perspective will make you a master influencer
The one thing that you can do to almost instantly achieve celebrity status in your market
Why being too nice will doom your reputation
Book 3 – 45 Day Self-Improvement Challenge
The power of saying NO and how this will free up your time.
The one secret that will make you the most productive than you've ever been in your life
The one thing you should learn to do today in order to finally get what you want.
Where TRUE self-confidence comes from and how to build it fast!
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