M. de Rênal is the mayor of a provincial town named Verrières, who hires Julien Sorel as a private teacher for his child. Sorel desires to become a real man and follow the steps of his hero – Napoleon. The young man thinks that it is his duty to seduce the mayor’s wife and they become lovers. However, their little secret will soon be revealed. Who will find out about the love affair? What is going to happen with the two lovers? Will mayor M. de Rênal also find out or the truth will be hidden from him? Find all the answers in Stendhal’s novel ”The Red and the Black” from 1830. Stendhal (1783-1842), the pseudonym of Marie-Henry Beyle, was a French writer. A pioneer of literary realism, he is best known for his novels ”The Red and the Black” (1830) and ”The Charterhouse of Parma” (1839).
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