Lucy Maud Montgomery: Short Stories vol: 2
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This Audiobook included: - A Christmas Mistake - A Strayed Allegiance - An Invitation Given on Impulse - In Spite of Myself - Kismet - Miriam's Lover - The Jest that Failed - The Pennington's Girl - The Setness of Theodosia - The Story of An Invitation - The Touch of Fate - The Waking of Helen - An Unconventional Confidence - Aunt Cyrilla's Christmas Basket - Emily's Husband - Our Runaway Kite - The Josephs' Christmas - The Magical Bond of the Sea - The Martyrdom of Estella - The Osbornes' Christmas - The Romance of Aunt Beatrice - The Running Away of Chester - The Strike at Putney - The Unhappiness of Miss Farquhar - Why Mr. Cropper Changed His Mind
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