The Adventures of the Elves 1 – The Knight of the Red Rosehips
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”The Knight of the Red Rosehips” is the first book from ”The Adventures of the Elves” series. The reader should be warned that there are adventures galore here, and once you step in, there is no stepping back. Acorn is a young and valiant knight, who is happily in love with his girlfriend Rosehip. However, one day he meets a mysterious knight, all dressed in red, who kidnaps him. Now it is to Rosehip to save the love of her life, no matter what dangers lie ahead. More than a satisfying beginning to a remarkable series.
”The Adventures of the Elves” is a children’s fantasy series, focusing on the life and adventures of the royal court of the elves, and how they fight their enemies and stand their ground. The various escapades and turns of the fate are extremely entertaining, turning the series into a recommended reading for children. Peter Gotthardt (b. 1946) is a Danish writer of children’s books, mainly in the genre of fantasy. Until 2006 he worked as a public librarian, but then moved to writing books instead of lending and watching over them. His first book came in 1984, and since then has written more than 60 books. Gotthardt’s fiction is characterized by fantasy and mystical adventures, earning him a lot of literary trophies. His best known works are ”The Adventures of the Elves”, ”The Enchanted Castle”, and ”The Magical Falcon”.
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