Birds and Crickets in Windy Forests: Productivity Soundscape for Clarity and Relaxation
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Forests, birds, winds and even wild crickets, this audio track has it all to get you in the mood for a relaxed, disturbance free state of mind. This recording moves from gentle birdsong to occasional wind whistles intertwined with distinctive comforting chirps of forest cricket. This perfect natural combination will effectively block urban noises or distracting human chatter and provide with calm peaceful background for work or relaxation. Here's a selection of individual birds you may be able to hear in this recording: Vesper Sparrow, Western Kingbird, Northern Harrier, Rufous Hummingbird, Greater Roadrunner, Virginia Rail, Great horned Owl, Warbling Vireo, American Bittern, Purple finch, Pacific Wren, Wilson's Warbler, Bald Eagle, Northern Flicker, and a variety of smaller ground and aerial forest creatures and plants.
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