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Building an Elite Organization

The Blueprint to Scaling a High-Growth, High-Profit Business

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At the tail end of your company’s startup phase, the same opportunities that generate revenue and fuel growth also bring new challenges. You need to hire—and train—rock-star team members, scale operations, prioritize opportunities, “wow” customers, and clearly communicate strategy throughout your organization—all while bringing on new clients and driving profitability.

You don’t have time for theory when you’re growing at breakneck speed. You need a blueprint for profitable scalability, a toolbox of plug-and-play tools, and direction on how to maximize execution. That’s where ​Building an Elite Organization ​comes in.

Don Wenner is a master of scaling high-growth, high-profit entrepreneurial companies. In ​Building an Elite Organization​, he walks you through the Elite Execution System his company and other highly successful organizations use to drive growth and improve profitability. Don’s system will give your team clarity on where you’re going, the insight to know if you’re on the right track, and the disciplined system needed to consistently leverage every opportunity. Learn how you can leave a legacy and make an enduring impact for decades to come.