Fashion Drawings

Fashion Drawings

The fashion design process 2

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This second volume of the "The Fashion design process” series concentrates on tools for fashion drawing.

Learn to draw your fashion creations by understanding the human body and how to stylize it through sketches. Each person will find a way to express his or her creativity by using basic drawing skills for women’s, men’s and children’s fashions. Imagine different poses and figures drawing to express techniques as a basis for drawing flat garments. Learn the vocabulary, shapes and details of the three clothing sectors.


Sylvie Fagegaltier graduated from ESMOD Paris in 1987, she has been persuing a fashion design, product manager and collection organizer carrer for 14 years before she joined ESMOD in 2001 as a teacher. Since decembre 2013, she heads ESMOD Bordeaux where she also handles the developpement and communication of her school.

Since she graduated from ESMOD in 1981 in fashion design and pattern drafting Isabelle Gonnet share her knowledge with the new generaiton teaching fashion drawing and design.

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