The book contains 29 fairy tales from the Jatakas, or birth stories of Buddha, the fables of Bidpai and from other Sanskrit sources. The stories are humorous and imaginative and preserve the best nursery elements of Hindu folk-tales. Contents: Joseph Jacobs - Biography And Bibliography Preface The Lion And The Crane How The Raja's Son Won The Princess Labam The Lambikin Punchkin The Broken Pot The Magic Fiddle The Cruel Crane Outwitted Loving Laili The Tiger, The Brahman, And The Jackal The Soothsayer's Son Harisaman The Charmed Ring The Talkative Tortoise A Lac Of Rupees For A Bit Of Advice The Gold-Giving Serpent The Son Of Seven Queens A Lesson For Kings Pride Goeth Before A Fall Raja Rasalu The Ass In The Lion's Skin The Farmer And The Money-Lender The Boy Who Had A Moon On His Forehead And A Star On His Chin The Prince And The Fakir Why The Fish Laughed The Demon With The Matted Hair The Ivory City And Its Fairy Princess How Sun, Moon, And Wind Went Out To Dinner How The Wicked Sons Were Duped The Pigeon And The Crow Notes And References I. The Lion And The Crane. Ii. Princess Labam. Iii. Lambikin. Iv. Punchkin. V. The Broken Pot. Vi. The Magic Fiddle. Vii. The Cruel Crane Outwitted. Viii. Loving Laili Ix. The Tiger, The Brahman, And The Jackal. X. The Soothsayer's Son. Xi. Harisarman. Xii. The Charmed Ring. Xiii. The Talkative Tortoise. Xiv. Lac Of Rupees. Xv. The Gold-Giving Serpent. Xvi. The Son Of Seven Queens. Xvii. A Lesson For Kings. Xviii. Pride Goeth Before A Fall. Xix. Raja Rasalu. Xx. The Ass In The Lion's Skin. Xxi. The Farmer And The Money-Lender. Xxii. The Boy With Moon On Forehead. Xxiii. The Prince And The Fakir. Xxiv. Why The Fish Laughed. Xxv. The Demon With The Matted Hair. Xxvi. The Ivory Palace. Xxvii. Sun, Moon, And Wind. Xxviii. How Wicked Sons Were Duped. Xxix.
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