What is the secret to a healthy, happy, fulfilling marriage?

Nearly every marriage starts out happy, and if we're honest, nearly every marriage at some point becomes unhappy. Is there a solution? Can an unhappy marriage really get back to being happy? Can it be truly and authentically happy--even better than it was at first? Kevin and Marcia Myers, who have been married for nearly four decades and went through nearly every challenge a couple can face, emphatically say yes. 

Revealing seven practices that offer help and hope for a happy and enduring marriage, The Second Happy is a captivating, practical resource that provides the tools necessary to tune-up, overhaul, or even rebuild your marriage. Practices to sustain and strengthen a marriage include the following:

Breaking the quit cyclePicking a fair fight so both people winKeeping disagreements from escalatingRemoving pretense from your relationship.

Rooted in Scripture and contemporary insights from the Myers's marriage, as well as real stories from other couples, this revelatory book shows how any marriage can regain depth, meaning and, yes, happiness. 

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