Sense and Sensibility (Seasons Edition -- Fall)
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The Sense and Sensibility Seasons Edition--Fall:

Presents Jane Austen’s beloved classic, widely regarded as a preeminent example of Romantic epistolary fiction, and after Pride and Prejudice, solidifying Austen’s place in literature’s pantheon of great writersExplores such important themes as the legal ramifications of love and marriage in high society, sense (rationalism) vs. sensibility (emotionalism), gender roles in the eighteenth century, and the deleterious effects of wealth and greed on relationships

For Elinor Dashwood, sensible and sensitive, and her romantic, impetuous younger sister Marianne, the prospect of marrying the men they love appears remote. In a world ruled by money and self-interest, the Dashwood sisters have neither fortune nor connections. Concerned for others and for social proprieties, Elinor is ill-equipped to compete with self-centered fortune-hunters like Lucy Steele, while Marianne's unswerving belief in the truth of her own feelings makes her more dangerously susceptible to the designs of unscrupulous men.


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