The Skinnygirl Rules
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Bethenny Frankel's audio companion to her
New York Times bestseller, Naturally Thin

In Naturally Thin, Bethenny Frankel shared her passion for enjoying natural, healthy, and delicious foods without the stress of counting calories, weekly weigh-ins, or deprivation. Now--available only on audio--Frankel presents The Skinnygirl Rules, sharing the tips and guidelines found in Naturally Thin using the same trademark wit and humor that made her the breakout star of The Real Housewives of New York City.

In The Skinnygirl Rules, Frankel focuses on how you can enjoy the pleasures of great food while also learning to balance your priorities. She teaches you that everyone can be naturally thin if they stop putting obstacles in their way. Bethenny's Skinnygirl Rules include:
You can have it all, just not all at once
Taste everything, eat nothing
Cancel your membership to the Clean Plate Club
Check yourself before you wreck yourself
And much more!

With Frankel's help, you will learn to banish Heavy Habits, embrace Thin Thoughts, and enjoy the pleasure of great food without every worrying about dieting again.

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