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The Backstagers and the Final Blackout

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The Backstagers are back for a thrilling third act! They’ve dealt with the ghost haunting their theater and faced off against the sinister siblings trying to steal the famous Designer’s Journal during their production of Tammy, but now, a mysterious masked man has taken all the ancient theater artifacts that they’ve collected.

They don’t know what he wants or how to stop him—but the Backstagers will have to use all their skills and know-how to solve the mystery and save the day! Each Backstager brings their own unique skills to the team: Mischievious Sasha can always spare a smile, no-nonsense Aziz keeps everyone on task, over-caffeinated Beckett is organized like no other, flirtatious Hunter is their official stage manager and unofficial leader, sweet Jory can work his way through any problem, and clever Reo is an expert on all things spooky. Effortlessly inclusive and full of fun, The Backstagers and the Final Blackout is sure to get a standing ovation!