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Witch Of The Federation V

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The Federation knows where a lurking Teloran ship is hiding and decides to send Morgana Inc. to ferry a special-operations team to procure data. Unfortunately, the team only needs to provide the data, getting back off is up to them. Since this team is the Hooligans, led by Stephanie's boyfriend, they secretly suspect she will help. But what happens when Morgana shows up scares Todd's team to their core. Will they share what they find out with the Navy Brass? Then what Todd's team finds changes the whole future of the war. Will the Federation succumb to the Telorans, or will the Telorans find out an ancient enemy still fights them to this day? Elizabeth is pulling together the largest, fastest computer the Federation has...Can Stephanie help create the sensitive parts? Will they be able to move BURT if they do? The small girl from the gov-subs now moves the forces of the Universe to stop an implacable foe. Will she burn her energy pathways out in the process? She is THE MORGANA. There are no other alternatives, no matter the risk to her and her team.