How to Be Well When You're Not
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With advice and suggestions for everything from emotional coping mechanisms (such as how to deal with the loss of socializing) to recipes with specific uses (like a pain-reducing turmeric ginger tea to sip throughout the day) and mental exercises, this book will help get listeners in touch with their bodies in new and valuable ways. As author Ariane Resnick knows, illness can be isolating. Here, she shares her experience and the ways in which she used food and emotional practices to heal herself. This book is all about guiding listeners to a state where they can facilitate, rather than hinder, the recovery capabilities of their bodies. It’s all about the “wellness mindset.” A supplemental PDF with 35 wholesome recipes, such as Simple Maca Hormone Revitalizer, Adrenal Restoring Latte, Probiotic Hearts of Palm Dip, and a delicious Pecan Pie Milkshake, is included.
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