A Dog on His Own (Unabridged)
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”I'm not a stray, I'm a free and independent dog!” At least, that's what K-10 likes to tell himself. But as his adventures bring him into contact with a range of dogs - tiny but big-hearted (and hilarious) Peppy, wise old Tucker, and most of all tart-tongued Pearl, he begins to wonder if he might want to have a home after all. Then K-10 meets Adolf and Rotter, and his troubles really begin. Can a dog on his own survive a pair of ferocious bullies to find his way back to a home he never had? Filled with loveable canine characters, this dog's eye view of the world is both laugh-out-loud funny and deeply touching. Audie-Award winning narrator William Dufris brings his unique blend of sensitivity and wacky humor to a charming novel that Booklist called ”A compelling, affectionate story of opening not just one's home, but also one's heart.”
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