England at the World Cup Finals
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England’s performance at the FIFA World Cup has been one of football’s most debated topics over the years. From post-war optimism and finally lifting the coveted trophy in 1966 through to subsequent near misses and defeats, this book details England’s World Cup journey. Who managed England during the 1950 World Cup Finals? How many different England captains have there been in England’s 62 World Cup Final matches? Which defender was the youngest footballer in England’s World Cup squad in 2014, aged just 18 years old? The answers to these questions and many more fascinating facts about England’s participation on the World Cup stage can be found in this exciting new book. England at the World Cup Finals includes facts about the players, captains, managers, opponents, goalscorers and goalkeepers as well as all the statistics and records that make up England’s World Cup story from 1950 to 2014. As entertaining as it is educational, this is a book that football fans of all ages will want to own.
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