Bestselling novelist and award-winning audiobook narrator Alison Larkin changes the gender of Dicken’s most famous character in this dazzling new recording of Great Expectations.

It's the same thrilling story of youthful innocence, unexpected escape from cruel poverty, an old woman jilted at the altar, and a mysterious financial gift that transforms the life of a young person. But one thing has changed. In this version, Pip is a woman.

In this world it is completely normal for a girl to learn to read and kiss another girl and be able to walk into a tavern without being molested or start a promising career thanks to a mysterious financial donation.

It's an irresistible question. If gender had been simply irrelevant in the 19th century where would we all be now?
“A novel rich in imagination, detail, and surprises requires a narrator who can embrace every element of the story — Alison Larkin is that narrator..”

“Alison Larkin is hugely entertaining.” THE TIMES
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