The Greatest Works of Charlotte Perkins Gilman
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This carefully edited collection has been designed and formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. Charlotte Perkins Gilman (1860-1935) was a prominent American feminist, sociologist, novelist, writer of short stories, poetry, and nonfiction, and a lecturer for social reform. Table of Contents: The Yellow Wallpaper Why I wrote the Yellow Wallpaper (1913) What Diantha Did The Crux Moving the Mountain Herland With Her in Ourland Three Thanksgivings According To Solomon Her Housekeeper A Middle-Sized Artist When I Was A Witch A Coincidence The Cottagette Mr. Robert Grey Sr. The Boys And The Butter My Astonishing Dodo A Word In Season Turned The Giant Wistaria Essays and Sketches: The Man -Made World; Or, Our Androcentric Culture The Home: Its Works and Influence Concerning Children Women and Economics A Small God And A Large Goddess Introducing The World, The Flash, and The Devil Where The Heart Is Why We Honestly Fear Socialism The Poor Relation Reasonable Resolutions Private Morality and Public Immorality The Humanness of Women The Barrel Kitchen-Mindedness Parlor-Mindedness Nursery-Mindedness Naughty A Village of Fools Believing and Knowing The House of Apples Ten Suggestions Genius, Domestic and Maternal A Man in Prison A Woman in Prison Improved Methods of Habit Culture Only an Hour Wholesale Hypnotism The Kitchen Fly Her Pets What Virtues Are Made Of Animals in Cities While The King Slept The Beauty Women Have Lost Is It Wrong To Take Life? The World and The Three Artists Woman and The State Why Texts? Women Teachers, Married and Unmarried Christmas Love Our Overworked Instincts The Permanent Child The New Motherhood How We Waste Three-Fourths of Our Money The Nun in The Kitchen Poems: Then This Arrears How Doth The Hat Thanksgiving Thanksong Love Steps Child Labor His Crutches Get Your Work Done A Central Sun, a song Locked Inside Here is the Earth
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