How To Play Golf The Natural Way Using Your Mind And Body
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'How To Play Golf The Natural Way Using Your Mind And Body' will show you how to relax and play golf to the best of your ability. Written by Jack Burke a 2 time Major winner and Ryder Cup player the author takes you through his personal methodology for playing golf whatever your standard , using your mind and body. Burke up until fairly recently was Phil Mickelson's putting coach and perhaps it is no coincidence that he places his entire golf game teaching theory around mastering one shot...the 3 foot putt - learn it correctly and you can master every club in your golf bag. Jack teaches the golfer to play from Green to Tee not the other way round. Burke says 85% of golf is played in the mind and therefore to be absolutely confident that you are actually going to HIT the ball every time that you attempt to is crucial to your success on the course.By knowing your body and what it needs to precisely do will increase your success in getting the ball in the cup in as few shots as possible - the sole aim of golf. This book is the perfect companion to taking golf lessons and is certain to stop you wasting shots on the golf course by honestly recognising your true PAR, understanding the 3 step simple mechanics of every golf swing and shot and ALWAYS playing one type of golf even if your partners don't want to. Using Jack's teachings you will have a light-bulb moment identifying specifically where the weaknesses are in your game and how to fix them naturally using your mind and body.
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