Diana dedicates herself to advancing people’s journeys from functional to fantastical through mindset pivot techniques. Dotting the “i” by choice, not by chance became Diana’s mantra while breaking new ground towards the future of personal transformation. Diana’s innate creativity is well reflected in her debut book, where she discloses a part of her soul creating a manifesto on self-love. ”On the LookOUT - for the better half” is an invitation for a mindful journey towards the authentic-self through the lenses of romantic relationships. Captivating, engaging and motivational - the book illustrates the turbulence of youth, while giving us an insight into the stability of adulthood by combining the romantic sarcasm of the poems with the pragmatic approach of today’s reflections. A book dedicated to those who seek and to those who discover: “I thought I was on the lookout for something or someone. However, it was there all along: ME.” (Diana Mereu). What are you On the LookOUT for?
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