Charles Darnaway decides to leave the University of Edinburgh, so that he can travel to the remote island of Aros. He pays a visit to his uncle, Gordon Darnaway, and beautiful cousin Mary Ellen. Charles’ main goal is to find the long-sunken treasure, near his uncle’s house, and marry to the beloved Mary. As he explores the shore, strange things begin to happen with Gordon.
Will Charles find the lost treasure and marry his cousin? Is the mystery around his uncle going to be revealed? Who are ”the Merry Men” and why are they so dangerous?
This short story of isolation, adventure, mystery and paranormality is published in 1882. Robert Louis Stevenson (1850 – 1894) was a Scottish novelist, poet and travel writer. For most of his life, Stevenson suffered from serious bronchial trouble, but kept on travelling and writing. One of his first titles is ”Treasure Island”, which is among his most popular novels, along with ”Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde”, ”Kidnapped” and ”A Child’s Garden of Verses”. Stevenson’s works have been admired by many other authors.
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