Who's the worst person you ever fell in love with?
Kate Sinclair's life is taking a turn for the worse. Her daughter is acting up, her husband is distant and her mother's mental health is alarmingly in decline.
Meanwhile the media are gripped by the trial of Colin Friendly, a handsome sociopath, who stands accused of the brutal murders of more than a dozen women.
When Kate's dysfunctional younger sister starts to take an increasingly romantic interest in Colin, she resolves she has to witness the trial herself... Which is when she bumps into her childhood sweetheart - the one that got away.
And as Kate struggles to resist being drawn into a dangerous affair, she can't afford to take her eye off Colin. Because he isn't just interested in her sister; he's looking forward to meeting her family...
Tense, dark and totally gripping, this is a gripping page-turner from the 16-million-copy bestselling Queen of psychological suspense, Joy Fielding.
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