The MK Story
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This is the true story of an MI-9 agent, a Dutch Jew, an experienced pilot, a proficient wireless radio operator and a WANTED man by the Nazis in 1941. MK escapes Nazi occupied territory at great peril, and when he finally reaches London and volunteers his services to the Dutch Intelligence Service in-exile, he is severely snubbed. Instead, the British MI-9 eagerly engages him. They train him, and in 1943, he parachutes with his mission chief into Nazi occupied France.

MK soon finds that he can not trust his mission chief, and that he is better off without him. He goes his own way, and sets up an escape line that saves the lives of at least twenty-seven British and American pilots. All along, he maintains illegal radio contact with the War office in London. He is betrayed, imprisoned, tortured and condemned to death. Yet he lives. This is his story.

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