A Mole Like No Other
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‘A Mole Like No Other’ by Julia B. Grantham is a fresh, delightful story about a toy mole who is looking for love, friendship and his place in the world.
The tale of Moley and his friends is set in a cosy English country house with a traditional garden. While it is especially popular amongst 5 - 10 year olds, children of all ages will love Moley’s adventure, subtle literary references and tongue-in-cheek humor.
This charming new tale is brought to sparkling life by Alison Larkin, internationally acclaimed comedienne and the award-winning narrator of The Complete Novels of Jane Austen, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan and The Secret Garden. Larkin has been hailed by The Times as 'marvelously light-footed and hugely entertaining' and she brings all those skills into play here.
‘I liked all the characters but my favourite one was Moley. Moley is cute, brave, friendly and always wants to help. I would like to have a friend like Moley!’ Leon, Age 8
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