My Smart Kids - Learn Shapes and Colors
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Do you have curious children full of energy? Teach them something new and fun. Through this book, you will teach children basic shapes and colors. In the first part of the book, you will find basic shapes. Each shape contains instructions on how to draw it and an image that helps children remember the shape. The sweet cartoon image of each shape is amazing for kids to remember each shape well. At the end of the ”Shapes” chapter, you will find different games that will help children remember their shapes and enjoy them. These games are designed to increase children's logical thinking, creativity, and thinking. In the second part of the book, you will find a section on colors. Children will learn the basic colors they see every day around them. With different images of common things, they will be able to remember each color well. At the end of the book, there are other games dedicated to recognizing basic colors. Children will be entertained and remember the basic colors around them. Teach your children something new and surprise your family with their exceptional knowledge. Your wise child will be your jewel.
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