Do you consider yourself to be an expert on Macclesfield Town Football Club? Are you eager to impress your family and friends with all the little known facts you have stored away over the years? Now you can test how much you really know about the Silkmen with the 800 challenging questions in this, the team’s official quiz book. With sections covering every aspect of Macclesfield’s history from players, managers and opponents to memorable matches, competitions and final scores, this book is sure to prove a hit with all Silkmen supporters. Followers of the beautiful game be warned; you will find yourselves arguing with the referee and calling for extra time as you try to recall the many highs and lows that have made the club what it is today. Packed full of important facts and figures, this tribute to Macclesfield Football Club is as informative as it is entertaining and is a must have for Macclesfield fans of all ages.
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