Are you a fan of the hip hop duo Rizzle Kicks? Do you enjoy their particular style of music? Have you followed their journey from early YouTube postings through to chart success and critical acclaim? If you would like to find out more about Rizzle Kicks, everything you need to know is in this new quiz book. Who produced Rizzle Kicks’ single ‘Mama Do the Hump’? What seaside town featured in Rizzle Kicks’ music video ‘Down with the Trumpets’? In what month during 2012 was Rizzle Kicks’ debut album ‘Stereo Typical’ certified platinum? The answers to all these questions and many more are all in The Rizzle Kicks Quiz Book. With 100 questions all about Rizzle Kicks, including many personal details, you are sure to learn something new about the Brighton boys and their music. This is a must-have book for everyone has followed Rizzle Kicks’ career to date and the many fans, old and young, who continue to buy their album. If you like Rizzle Kicks, you won’t want to be without this book.
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