The Russell Brand Quiz Book
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Do you like Russell Brand? Does his outspoken manner and unique style of humour make you laugh out loud? Have you followed his career from the early days of stand-up and Channel 4 success to controversial comedy megastar? If you think you know what makes Russell Brand tick or would like to find out more, The Russell Brand Quiz Book is for you. What job did Russell do before becoming a successful stand-up comedian? In which year did Russell release his first stand-up DVD, titled Live? Which American sketch comedy show did Russell guest host during February 2011? If you think you know the answers, why not find out if you are right with this fun quiz book. Russell Brand has proved himself to be a diverse and talented individual and the 100 questions in this book cover all aspects of his life, including many personal details, so you are certain to find out something new about your favourite comedian. This book will appeal to Russell Brand’s many fans and anyone with a keen interest in comedy.
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