Arcade and the Golden Travel Guide
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Arcade, Zoe, and their new friend Doug are traveling from New York to Virginia to stay with their cousins and best friends Derek and Celeste. It's a chance for Arcade to feel normal again after his latest series of adventures. But nothing is normal as long as the Triple T Token is hanging around his neck. Plus, Derek claims he's stumbled upon some troubling information, and now a suspicious person is following him. Arcade wonders if the trouble is related to the token—after all, someone has already tried to take it from him once. Where did this Triple T Token come from? And are all the adventures it provides worth all the trouble it brings? A trip through the token's fantastical doors reveals a clue—a hidden box of old notes. As Arcade, Zoe, and their friends start to put the pieces together, the value of the token becomes clear, and the stakes are higher than ever. Can Arcade keep the token for himself? Or will sinister forces steal it from his grasp?
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