Captain Midnight, Volume 2 The Perada Treasure
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World War One flying aces Robert M. Burtt and Wilfred G. Moore were responsible for bringing the adventures of Army Air Pilot Captain Jim Red Albright – a.k.a. Captain Midnight – across the airwaves at Chicago radio station WGN in 1938. Listen as Captain Midnight played by Bill Bouchey, Chuck Ramsey, Patsy Donovan, and Major Steele battle Ivan Shark, his daughter Fury, and Gardo in The Perada Treasure. An Aztec temple and underground waterfall add to the fun of these 88 fifteen minute shows presented in 3 Volumes. Great commercials featuring Skelgas natural gas, a 57 piece Dinnerware set and Captain Midnight Bicycle Tires were offered by the Skelly Oil company. Captain Midnight has never sounded better thanks to the Radio Archives audio engineering team. Captain Midnight, Volume 2, The Perada Treasure is available now!
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