Dead Air
When radio morning host Lee Garrett finds a death threat on his control console, he shrugs it off as a prank. Until a series of minor harassments turns into undeniable attempts on his life. The suspects are many—he’s made enemies—and the police are strangely uncooperative. The radio career he loved has turned sour, leaving behind a dwindling audience and the wreckage of his marriage. Then the friendship of a newly blind boy and the boy’s attractive teacher offer unexpected hope. Maybe he can make a fresh start.
But when the deadliest assault yet claims an innocent victim, Garrett knows he has no choice—he has to find his persecutors and force a confrontation. The extraordinary outcome will test the limits of an ordinary man.
“Imagine you’ve got a hole in your gut—an ulcer that sucks the pleasure out of life. Then one day it occurs to you that all of your problems are caused by someone else. You become obsessed with that thought—it becomes a fire in your belly, and every bad thing you draw to yourself is fuel. No logic to it. And no cure either.”
“No cure. Meaning once they start, they don’t stop.”
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