Lady Jane's Secret
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Lady Jane's Secret

A Regency Novel

After Lady Jane was betrayed by her former fiancé, she has lost interest in men. To make matters worse, her father has squandered the family fortune and Jane is forced to work to earn a living. She is commissioned by Charles Wellington, Earl of Southwell, as a governess for the two six-year-old twin daughters who have set themselves the task of rejecting any governess who applies. But the girls like her, and the count seems clearly taken with her as well, although she does not tell him her true origin.

Just when they confess their love, Jane's ex-fiancé, Albert, appears who let her sit years ago. Albert quickly finds out that Jane and Charles are busier than just having a business relationship and becomes jealous. He tries again to win her heart.

When Jane Albert finally declines, he takes revenge by informing Charles about her background and the financial situation of her family. Charles sees himself confirmed in his suspicion that Jane is only after his fortune and dismisses her.

Will the truth come out in the end and will Charles and Jane find to each other?

About the Author

Liz Levoy is a bestselling author who has been writing romantic stories since her senior year in high school. Levoy is a truly passionate romance writer that loves to entice her avid readers, using her experience from her travels around the world.
Feelings of love, desire and chemistry dominate her books and the characters that she creates come alive, striving for love.
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