Riotous Retirement
This audiobook tells fifteen short stories about people living at Burnside Retirement Village. Retirees buy into the community to socialise and appreciate the peace and quiet. WRONG! It’s where over 55 year olds go who are bored, who enjoy a good fight, hate authority, argue like hell, question every rule and regulation, love to interfere in the lives of others and, of course, it is where those who create stories about such people live!
These are the people who make life interesting, who say what they truly believe, and who don’t care what anyone thinks.
Gabriel bossed others about in a former life and needs to be the centre of attention but he is continually frustrated! Helga is employed by the village operators but must also heed the wishes and interests of the residents, all the while juggling everything to fulfil her own ambitions. Alex is the caretaker who does his level best to satisfy everyone. He never succeeds!
This book has women who drive fast cars and fast scooters, men who tell great tales, some who are arch plotters and schemers and many who don’t know what the hell they are doing. They all exist together in the ferment that is Burnside Retirement Community.
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