Secrets in the Land
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Mark Hersch’s life changed for the better when he met Beth Azen. Except for those long drives from Richmond to Hartstown, Virginia, to see her.

Mark jumps at a surprise trip for a routine investigation of a polluted stream, never expecting anything out of the ordinary.

But a bizarre secret from before the town’s founding awaits. 

Can Mark, Beth, and their shared magic solve the deadly mystery before all of Hartstown runs out of time?

An excerpt from Secrets in the Land:
Sometimes, you need to leave the bad things in the past.

Art smiled, but it didn’t get anywhere within a mile of his eyes.

“I have to ask if this is something you’re willing to take on, Mark. I’m not fibbing or lying or anything else when I say I’d understand if you’re not. Whatever’s up there half scared the life out of me. You ever feel that way about a place?”

This time Mark did shiver, and he didn’t try to hide it. Maybe it was time he admitted at least a bit of what he and Beth (and Clina) had actually gotten into back in December.

“Just one time. When we were taking your lost miner’s bones out of that old house pit. I was sure then and I’m more sure now that he dropped the rock that hit Beth on purpose. Thing is, I know in my bones that the rock was really aimed at me.”
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