The Black Box
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A two mile wide Alien Space Ship speeds toward Florida showing bad intentions. Stark terror visits the world of a young hip-hop urban Rapper Lil’Bubba Riley who comes into possession of the ‘BlackBox’. Smorsca Gavrilenko Russia’s ruthless covert Agent brutally murders Bubba’s older brother, mercilessly stalks Lil’ Bubba and Peeki Grayson his schoolteacher, determined to get the Black Box from them. After a fierce firestorm of conflagrations, confrontations & escalations, - an unrequited triangle morphs into a magical love story. Lil’Bubba finds himself yoked to the President of the U.S. who sends him and the Black Box into space towards a final life and death struggle with the Alien Ship to save the world from an eternity of nothingness!!
It is; NEW MILLENNIUM YEAR 2014. Los Angeles California.
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