The Lux Radio Theatre, Comedy Tonight Screwball Classics
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In this volume you’ll be hearing radio adaptations of some of the funniest comedies Hollywood had to offer. This collection includes the granddaddy of all screwball comedies, It Happened One Night, Frank Capra’s funny love story about a runaway heiress and the reporter who becomes her protector. You’ll hear The Awful Truth, Leo McCarey’s frenetic comedy of marital errors. And I’ve included in this collection my own personal favorite of the screwball films, His Girl Friday. And remember James Cagney and Bette Davis in The Bride Came C.O.D.? Well get ready to hear Bob Hope and Hedy Lamar in those same roles. And in Lux’s version of Here Comes Mr. Jordan you’ll have the pleasure of hearing Cary Grant in the role originated by Robert Montgomery. It’s the film aficionado’s parallel universe.
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